Medical Receivable Financing

GFS provides a suite of financing options for providers dealing with complex long-term receivables such as California workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. We are also equipped to provide tailor fit financing solutions to medical providers working in any area. Best of all, we only look to your accounts receivable and not your personal assets, and there is no credit check required. Whether it’s a one-time injection of capital or consistent reliable monthly financing, GFS has a solution for your business.

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California Workers’ Compensation

GFS has expertise in the California Workers’ Compensation system that is unparalleled in the medical receivable financing industry. We understand the nuances of working within this extremely complex system including requests for authorizations (RFAs), second bill review (SBR), lien filings, hearings, and all the other headaches that providers in this space have to deal with when all they are trying to do is provide the best treatment to their patients.

Insurance companies have become like administrative ninjas, employing any and every excuse to avoid paying valid claims. Meanwhile, medical providers are left strangled for cash, and end up spending their time running a collections company instead of providing the highest quality care.

GFS has a suite of financing solutions for providers in the California Workers’ compensation space so they can stop worrying about cash flow and go back to focusing on their patients. Our financing programs can make a practice’s monthly cash flow steadier and dependable, so providers have the capital to maintain and grow their businesses.

Personal Injury

GFS can help to provide much needed liquidity for personal injury liens that have long lifecycles. Instead of waiting for cases to settle and dealing with the hassles of negotiating with attorneys to get paid, GFS will buy your liens or provide financing to fit your needs.

GFS is also aware of the extremely important and sometimes sensitive relationships that providers have with their attorneys. We work to protect those relationships while helping you get much needed capital to run your practice. Whether it’s a one-time funding for a quick injection of cash or ongoing month to month financing for steady cash flow, we have solutions that will work for you.


Custom Financing Solutions For Any Medical Practice

Whether you work in the litigated medical receivable space and are constantly waiting to get paid on long term medical receivables or are just a normal medical provider in need of capital, GFS can help.

We pride ourselves on being able to understand the unique capital needs of any medical practice and providing tailor made solutions that fit your needs. We avoid the “one size fits all” mentality that most funders adhere to and work with our clients to understand what works for them.