Flexible and reliable financing solutions for medical providers so they can deliver the highest quality care to their patients while supporting their growing business.


About Us

GFS is comprised of leading industry experts with > 30 years of experience in the litigated medical receivable billing, collections, and financing markets. GFS leverages its significant experience to be more than just a financial solution for providers, but a long-term strategic partner. Having worked closely with a wide range of providers over many years, our team understands the needs of medical providers from the perspective of the provider. We don’t believe in win/lose relationships, and we value collaboration where everyone benefits. First and foremost, we're always here to serve our provider clients to help them prosper.

GFS leverages its significant experience to be more than just a financial solution for providers



Tailor fit financing options for your accounts receivable (AR). No credit check or personal guarantee required.

California Workers’ Compensation

GFS has expertise in the California Workers’ Compensation system that is unparalleled in the medical receivable financing industry. GFS has a suite of financing solutions for providers in the California Workers’ compensation space.

personal injury

Personal Injury

GFS can help to provide much needed liquidity for personal injury liens that have long lifecycles. Instead of waiting for cases to settle and dealing with the hassles of negotiating with attorneys to get paid, GFS will buy your liens or provide financing to fit your needs.

financial solution

Custom Financing Solutions

Whether you work in the litigated medical receivable space and are constantly waiting to get paid on long term medical receivables or are just a normal medical provider in need of capital, GFS can help.





Let Us Solve Your Problems

In addition to providing tailor fit financing solutions to medical providers in the workers’ compensation and personal injury spaces, GFS has expertise in helping medical providers find solutions for other aspects of their practice.


Practice Evaluation

GFS can assist with evaluating the financial health and collections efficiency of your practice’s accounts receivable. We apply our rigorous analytics to your data to help you identify weaknesses in your recoveries such as insurance companies or attorneys that are adversely impacting your collections. Additionally, we help you to better understand how your accounts receivable actually perform for better cash management and business planning.


Revenue Cycle ManagemenT

GFS also works with preferred vendors for a variety of services to help make your practice run more smoothly. Whether you want to reduce costs or improve efficiency, GFS has an option that will work for you.

  •  Billing
  •  Collections
  •  Administrative Support.